Moorosi Chalets

In 2005 Malealea Lodge, the DED and the QWDT (Quthing Wildlife Development Trust) formed a partnership to market and develop Moorosi Chalets into a tourist lodge. For 5 years, it was a bitter struggle to promote tourism in the area, but the chalets continued forward. In 2011, Malealea Lodge could not support the chalets any longer due to the financial burden and the irregular flow of tourism. The chalets became the sole responsibility of the QWDT. Tourism was tough and the chalets faced many challenges. The 4km of gravel road to the chalets was 4x4 which limited potential 2 wheel drive visitors, there was no cell phone signal for direct communication and Southern Lesotho was an area only the real adventurers would dare to explore.

What is different now?

  • accessibility - new tar road connecting Quthing to Semonkong has opened the area up to many more travellers
  • The 4km of gravel road has been upgraded
  • Electricity passes through the area
  • Vodacom towers make internet and cell phone communication possible.
  • Moorosi Chalets forms part of one of the most impressive drives in Lesotho - Malealea Lodge, Semonkong, Moorosi and back to Malealea.
  • Thaba Moorosi Mountain Fortress situated 800 metres away from the chalets is a significant historical mountain and the war against the British there in 1879 forms a major part of Lesothoś history. Bernard has employed two registered tour guides who can guide visitors up the mountain.
  • The impressive World Heritage bushman painting site and tourist village of Ha Liphapang is only a 3 hr drive away.
  • The mighty Ongeluksnek is becoming more popular, which means accommodation is needed after attempting this pass. The chalets are only 2 hrs from the top of Ongeluksnek.
  • Moorosi Chalets provides the perfect base to explore Lesothoś best kept secret - The Majoana Mabeli Watefall, where you can spot a pair of bearded vultures as well as 83 pairs of Cape Vultures flying below you.
  • Moorosi Chalets is partnered with Lesotho Road Trip (formerly Malealea Tours) to promote the region and automate its booking process.